Black Holes

Question #1: What is a black hole?
Answer #1: Black holes are located in a place where gravity is strong. Black holes are made up of a lot of objects in a small space. The objects give the hole it's extreamly strong gravity.

Question #2: Are there black holes in space?
Answer #2: Since black holes have no light, we can't see them. Scientists only know they are there because they watch the way objects react around them. Black holes are found in large galaxies.

Question #3: How big is a black hole?
Answer #3: Black holes come in different sizes. It depends on the variety of objects that are in it. The star that explodes has to be as big as the sun. It turns out to be around 1 mile long. Holes that are found in different galaxies are 1 million suns put together.

Question #4: How does a black hole form?
Answer #4: A black hole is made when a giant star collapses and shrinks in it's last minutes of life. When light can't escape, nothing can. That is how they know it is a black hole.

Question #5: What is in a black hole?
Answer #5: Inside a black hole are the objects floating in space. When they get close enough, the gravity of the hole pulls them into it.

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