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hi i am Rosalind 12 i have 3 younger sisters named skye 11 jane 10 and batty 4. they can be really mean and annoying like the time Skye almost burned the house down just by making cookies!!! other times they can be really helpful like when jane appoligized for skye to jeffery the boy that lives nextdoor!! Anyway we are up north in a cottege called arundel! we just got there and have met cagney the gardener, jeffery the boy nextdoor and the bull which batty almost got killed by,oh yeah and they sort of meet miss.tifftan jefferys mom everybody says she mean and snotty which she is! thats all i know now bye!
i picked this book because i have heard its a really good book and i have read half of it at camp!
by: Ashbymy first blog hope you like it

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